Bugeja Earthmoving and Cat Used Equipment

03 June 2019

Caterpillar Used Equipment is a business success.

Peter Bugeja has one rule when it comes to sourcing equipment for his business: always consider second hand Caterpillar product.  Starting his Cairns based company 'Bugeja Earthmoving' in 1985, Mr Bugeja sought the purchase of a used Cat® 312 Excavator following advice on the quality of the brand.

Today, Mr Bugeja remains an avid buyer of used Caterpillar® equipment, his current fleet of nine machines includes his original Cat 312 Excavator and Cat 130 Motor Grader that were purchased over 16 years ago.

Mr Doug Stallard, Hastings Deering Sales Representative - New and Used Equipment, has been supporting and ensuring Bugeja Earthmoving has the equipment and parts needed to maintain such a credible business for over 15 years.

Mr Stallard says, "Peter Bugeja has always thoroughly maintained his equipment. Old or new, second-hand with average hours or substantial, ensuring the efficient running of each machine is paramount. Regular maintenance is key. Through Hastings Deering, we have been able to ensure our service is prompt, parts are available and Bugeja's downtime is minimised."

Hastings Deering order parts and have them to Bugeja's workshop within hours that is a big driver in Bugeja Earthmoving's loyalty to Caterpillar equipment. With fast service, low cost machines and very little downtime, business productivity remains high.

Mr Bugeja adds, "We operate our machines all day, every day. The business has been built on hard work with equipment to match. Our original second hand machinery has run efficiently for near two decades, a testament to the quality of the Caterpillar product, combined with regular servicing preventing expensive and time consuming issues. Our relationship with Hastings Deering and Doug Stallard is as old as the second life our used equipment has granted us so far, and I know there is plenty more to come."

Offering residential, commercial and industrial earthmoving and excavating services, Bugeja Earthmoving has become a preferred supplier for the local councils in removing scrap waste. In demand, Mr Bugeja has purchased multiple new Caterpillar machines including a Cat 259 Compact Track Loader to work through demolition of steel and concrete, with the addition of a new Cat Box Blade embracing Caterpillar technology and innovation.

While Mr Bugeja has a proven belief in the success of his business by using quality second hand Cat equipment, he has a heightened interest in the evolution of advanced safety features and smart technology that ensures the efficiency and focus of the operators’ production.

A forward thinker, Peter Bugeja continues to create opportunities with sustainability at the forefront of Bugeja Earthmoving and Excavation, which has led to the creation of his own recycling yard. It's a business that continues growth with high demand, started on continuing on the selection of quality equipment, regular servicing and support that has been built between Bugeja Earthmoving and Hastings Deering.

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